just little talk about the time

sometimes life is painful let’s talk a little about life, many things we can not understand but still we live, is not it buddy, friend chandratoday I would like to invite all friends to a little critical thinking about our lives a little bit strange to me, how not friends, have we ever thought about the continuity between legal norms and religiousnorms in the embrace by a nation or state, as one small exampleare usually the ones doing the deviation in the name of religion everto what became one of the factors influencing another human / other people to be able to celebrate the big day even though his religionwas why the deviation, and also most people have thought that theSanya life must always follow his time now in the era of globalizationis whether the norms of religion needs to change to adapt with the times? and the answer is no, of course, that should change in a country that includes a whole and unity and represents the difference in a reference that is our legal norms that must besustained by religious norms because why, because the rule of lawhad been the Different but still one  any religious norms did not look at anyone, but that is the case later if we were blind or legal?
for a handful of the law is a toy but that is expected by most legalcircles it is not impartial.